Under the motto »otto is innovation«, the local editorial team of Magdeburger Volksstimme and the city marketing »Pro Magdeburg« presents in a summer series innovations, projects and personalities which make Magdeburg well-known in many areas as a location for economics, science, culture and society.

The European project PortForward was also chosen for these sommer series, as it is helping the Port of Magdeburg to become fit for the challenges of the future. Since 2018, scientists across Europe have been working on improving processes by supporting digital solutions on site, especially for small and medium-sized ports such as Vigo, Livorno, Naples and Magdeburg. In an interview Christian Blobner, who is part of the Fraunhofer IFF team and has been working on the project from the very beginning, reported about PortForward, which deals with the digitalization of port infrastructures, especially with regard to sustainability, and the cooperation with the port of Magdeburg.

With the institute building at Magdeburg’s Science Port and its Elbedome – a 360° projection environment for virtual worlds – the Fraunhofer IFF scientists have the necessary innovative infrastructure at their disposal. And with their experience in many national and international projects, they also have the necessary scientific excellence to manage such an international research project with numerous partners and innovative approaches. There is definitely a need for such cooperation from Magdeburg out into the world, because ports face various challenges. The sustainability factor in particular is of growing importance, especially with regard to emissions for ports.

The Port of Magdeburg also calls itself Green Port, the sustainability and environmentally friendly design of the processes is an important point for the operators. The cooperation with the port of Magdeburg is mainly focused on optimizing the storage and logistics processes and ultimately saving resources and reducing emissions. To reach this goal the Fraunhofer scientists created among other things a virtual port model, in which information and data from the port are collected and mapped and which can be used for both strategic planning and operation.

Promotional action for the campaign »otto is innovation« in Magdeburg.