MDR Fernsehen,  German broadcasting company, aired a feature on the Fraunhofer IFF’s Elbedome in Magdeburg in its invention magazine “Einfach Genial” on February 8th, 2022.

With 450 square meters of projection surface, the Elbedome is one of the largest 360-degree visualization systems for virtual interactive content in Europe. Three-dimensional objects can be projected onto the entire walls and floor. For this purpose, 25 3D projectors are suspended in the dome. They are directed at the walls and floor at different angles and project stereo images that are visible to each eye separately. This creates a spatial impression for the viewer. The Fraunhofer Institute IFF’s facility in Magdeburg is used for research, continuing education, training and also for planning projects by companies and universities. The research team has already been involved in over 500 projects.

In the contribution, the coordinator of the project “PortForward” Dr. Olaf Poenicke also presented the VR model of the Port of Magdeburg and explained how it can be used to optimise logistics and storage processes in the port.

“The project is about making this 3-D model increasingly dynamic, meaning that real information flows into the 3-D model so that it is always updated. The goal is that we know, for example, which parts of a storage area are occupied and with which goods. The port of Magdeburg has an extension of almost 10 km in the north-south direction alone. In this respect, it is of course easier to keep an overview in such a 3D model. Here you can see only one terminal area, there are other areas of the Port of Magdeburg and to have this at a glance is only possible with the 3D model,” said Dr. Olaf Poenicke.

The three-dimensional representation of areas such as the port thus makes it possible to recognise free spaces and to virtually plan buildings, storage areas or terminals on them.

The whole video “Elbedome: 3D visualisation for walk-in projects” is available in the MDR media library under this link.