The Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority System has been established with Decree no. 169/2016, regrouping the commercial ports of Livorno, Piombino and the smaller ports in the Elba island and Capraia. This public body is in charge of developing and planning port areas and port related activities, and it is not directly involved in managing port operations. The Port Authority is a community manager of outmost importance, controlling port operations and promoting innovation in the field of port economics. As a consequence, a specific Innovation and Development department has been set for fostering cutting edge technologies and collaboration with research centres in relation to port issues. As a major multipurpose port Livorno, along with Piombino, is steering towards greater surveillance of port activities, including those related to dangerous goods, and the enhancement of monitoring systems. Hence, a port monitoring platform, called MONICA, is already operational and provides key players with real time 3D rendering and information on port operations.
As long term goal, the Port Authority is now seeking to further develop this tool by setting a comprehensive system of hardware and software components, capable of early detection of any danger within the port. The Port Authority System is therefore involved in several EU funded projects, including Horizon2020 projects, aiming at tying relations with academia and industrial operators: presently it is coordinator of three Interreg programme project related to the sustainability and monitoring of port operations.

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