Afshin Mansouri, PI of the Brunel University London’s PortForward team, together with Ramin Raeesi and Navid Sahebjamnia, former Research Fellows of the project, have been invited by the European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), a leading journal in the field of Operations Research, to write a literature review paper out of their work in the PortForward project with further extensions titled: »The synergistic effect of OR and big data analytics in greening container terminal operations: a review and future directions«. The invitation has been made following the submission of a proposal by the authors to EJOR to extend the scoping study that they carried out as in the initial phase of the PortForward’s WP5 led by Brunel University London on »Green Scheduling and Sustainability of Operations«. The proposal has been received positively by the six editors of EJOR and the paper is due to be completed by mid-2021.