The PortForward consortium team came together once again for the 6th Project Management Meeting. Owing to the COVID-19 and pandemic-related restrictions the meeting took place online anew in three sessions parts on June 28 – July 01, 2021.

Thanks to all partners’ and coordinator’s Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF efforts the consortium had a successful 3-day meeting, catching up with the development of the 10 Use Cases, while exploring services’ implementation and exploitation strategies.

Session 1 provided besides the general Project Management information an overview to all partners about the individual Use Cases, focussing on current state of the Use Case (hardware installations, service development and implementation, testing), time plan for the remaining 12 months of the project and identification of any obstacles, that might be relevant for updating the risk log.
Session 2 enabled a deep dive discussion / workshop among the technical staff of the development partners.

During the session 3 the consortium reviewed and discussed the individual exploitation perspectives as well as the different approaches to exploit the overall PortForward Platform.

6th Project Management Meeting Images