The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands hosted a stakeholder meeting and a visit to the Port of Palma that was attended by PortForward consortium partners Acciona, Imec, and Leitat, and by the shipping company Trasmediterránea as invited external port stakeholder. The event started on 4th October 2018 with a set of meetings with internal stakeholders of the Port Authority working in different areas of the organization related to the scope of PortForward activities, including IT, Control Centre, and Infrastructure. At the end of the day, there were meetings with external stakeholders that are working with the Port Authority in the development and implementation of innovative ICT-related solutions. On 5th October 2018 the Port Authority organized the tour visit to the different service areas of the Port of Palma, that included an explanation of the main activities carried out at the port. The day ended with additional meetings for analyzing the activities of the Port Authority in the areas of Environment and Port-City interaction. These two days have laid the foundations for the analysis of the expectations and needs of stakeholders of the ports  of the Baleric Islands that shall be addressed by PortForward project.