With the physical conference cancelled, where the PortForward team was originally scheduled to present the project, some of the objectives of the Transport Research Arena 2020 are being realised by virtual means. Numerous strategic, invited and special focus sessions of TRA2020 are organised as online seminars.

Information on all TRA online events can be found on the TRA Conference webpage.

On June 23, 2020 DockstheFuture and ALICE platform jointly organised a TRA invited session on »The Future of Ports: vision 2030 – Bringing together innovative technologies, tools and policies through an EU network« in a form of an online seminar.

The event is a redesigned invited session supposed to take place at the TRA2020 conference in Helsinki, Finland 27-30 April 2020.  The four H2020 important initiatives – DockstheFuture, COREALIS, PortForward, PixelPorts – and an Interreg project – ResQU2, join forces under the umbrella of the ALICE platform to bring you latest innovative technologies and tools for future ports.

PortForward project manager Christian Blobner has presented the project, focusing on the contributions by project partners Brunel and Leitat for the Vigo use case. Here you can view the presentation »PortForward Sustainable Port Operations«.