PortForward organizes a series of workshop dedicated to selected stakeholders and interested parties, to showcase the project results and services and better assess the current needs.

On the 19th April 2021, the 2nd online workshop was held to showcase 2 Services developed within the PortForward project in the ports of Baleares, addressed to specific stakeholders from the consortium port region. The workshop was organized by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APdB) and CORE INNOVATION with the aim to foster discussion on the solutions that are under development to better diagnose stakeholders’ needs and identify prospects for product developments based on the PortForward results.

The stakeholder participants were coming from Spanish shipping companies, port authorities and terminal workers.

Partners from LEITAT and ACCIONA presented their advancements in the services of RoRo Stowage Optimisation and MAFI’s working hours. They thoroughly analysed the technologies used, the architecture of the technologies and the benefits for the port operators and authorities. They also underlined the importance of digitalization in port operations.

After the presentation, the discussion was held around the benefits that the control bodies, custom office, port authorities and other relevant stakeholders see from the adoption of these solutions and provided development partners with constructive comments and feedback.