PortForward took part in the UK Operational Research Society’s annual conference 2020 –  a successful online event with over 700+ live participants and 50+ speakers from around the world.

The annual conference gathers academics and practitioners from a wide range of Operational Research disciplines across the UK and Europe as well as other parts of the world. It is a collaborative platform for keeping up-to-date on the recent developments in OR, networking with academics and practitioners, and sharing results of research activities. In this regard,  it serves as a very good medium for promoting the projects concept to a learned audience and build collaborative networks.

Following the preliminary discussions, the organisers allocated PortForward a stream under the title of »Sustainable Maritime Operations«. In this stream, the Brunel team presented the project work in the presentation »The Green Yard Schedular«. In addition, speakers from other projects within the Port of the Future Network – Corealis and PIXELS – have been invited to present the current status of their projects.

Here you can view the OR62 Interactive Schedule of the OR62 Online Annual Conference.

Please also view the presentation »The Green Yard Schedular« of the speech by Dr. Cihan Butun and Prof. Afshin Mansouri from the Brunel University in the OR62 conference on 15 September.

Additionally, you can watch the video on the »Sustainable Maritime Operations Stream« on the OR Society YouTube Channel.