The OR society’s 63rd annual conference was an online event from September 14th until September 16th

The conference covered a wide range of topics. From finance to health and AI to maritime operations, the event offered a great opportunity to connect with professionals around the world and get an insight on various subjects.

PortFoward could not have missed this amazing opportunity. The project had a strong presence in the two sessions specifically dedicated to Maritime Operations. During Session 1, on September 14th, Cihan Butun from Brunel University presented a hybrid solution method that deals with the pre-marshalling problem.

In Maritime Operations: Session 2, on September 14th, the PortForward project was showcased through the case study of the Port of Vigo and the presentation of its preliminary results presented by Ariadna Claret Carles from LEITAT. In addition, a second presentation on the optimisation of the yard scheduling problem took place during Session 2. The presentation, given by Ran Wang from Brunel University, focused on the computational results gathered from Port of Vigo’s container terminal, aiming to give insights regarding productivity and sustainability as well as the overall performance of the yard operations.

You can find more about Maritime Operations: Session 1 here and more about Maritime Operations: Session 2 here.

Here you will find the presentations of the conference:

»A hybrid A-star algorithm to minimise energy consumption in the pre-marshalling problem« by Dr Cihan Butun

»Sustainability assessment applied to the container terminal operations: the case study of the Port of Vigo, Spain« by Ariadna Claret i Carles