PortForward partners Brunel University, CORE Innovation and Port of Vigo organised a stakeholders workshop dedicated to the Green Yard Scheduler – the Use Case tested in the Port of Vigo – on July the 6th, 2021.

The workshop audience was composed by Spanish ports managers and representatives.

Moderator of the event was the Port of Vigo.

Cihan Butun from Brunel University gave a presentation briefly introducing the participants to the GYS objectives.

He underlined the challenge of inspection container positioning problem and the housekeeping problem.

Another Use Case objective is to minimize the energy consumption, the number of restows, and to minimize the sequence of container movements.

Then, a live demo took place, demonstrating the Green Yard Scheduler to the audience with real-time terminal data.

Last session was dedicated to a round-table discussion with the participants.

The stakeholders actively discussed the following questions:

What’s the value of the GYS to the port authorities and operators?
What is the impact of such a service to the daily port operations?