The PortForward consortium team came together again for the 7th Project Management Meeting in Naples on November 10th-11th.

Owing to the COVID-19 and its related restrictions the meeting took place as a hybrid event combining a “live” in-person participation with a “virtual” online one.

On day 1 the consortium focused mainly on project deliverables. The meeting offered a great opportunity to coordinate the to-dos, required inputs and time planning for all open deliverables. For some deliverables the quality checks were discussed. Furthermore, the status of the individual Use Cases was reviewed.

On day 2 the focus lay on Exploitation, Dissemination and Demonstration. The partners discussed individual exploitation strategies for the corresponding project developments. Furthermore, the discussion focused on the potential exploitation of the overall PortForward Platform and approaches for a strategic partnership beyond the project for follow-up-activities.

The program was rounded off by a joint dinner organized by a hosting project partner MARTE.

Here you can view the Agenda of the 7th Project Management Meeting in Naples.

7th Project Management Meeting Images