The Fraunhofer IFF and the Port of Magdeburg represent the PortForward Project in Saxony Anhalt’s joint booth on the transport logistic trade fair in Munich.

On the first day of the fair Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister for Regional Development and Transport, Thomas Webel, visited the booth to talk to Tobias Kutzler and Andreas Höpfner from the Fraunhofer IFF about the PortOfTheFuture as envisaged by the PortForward Project (and took the time for a group photo).

The TRANSPORTWERK Magdeburger Hafen GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF attend the transport logistic. The world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management will take place in Munich, Germany from 4th to 7th June 2019. The port administration wants to give the national and international partners and visitors a holistic and impressive picture about the opportunities and services provided in the port of Magdeburg.

In order to achieve this in the best possible way, the first version of the virtual interactive model of the port area will be presented at the fair. The photorealistic 3D-model is true to scale and allows an interactive information retrieval about the infrastructures, facilities and capabilities of goods handling and storage. The presentation will be displayed on large scaled, stereoscopic 3D-display. The visitors of the fair can experience an immersive visualisation and interaction using 3D-glases.

The virtual reality (VR) interactive 3D-model of the port of Magdeburg, which will be presented in Munich, provides comprehensive information about the port area. However, further work on the VR model in frame of the PortForward project is planned.  The port model will be qualified to a »Virtual Twin«, which not only offers a view of the static port structures but also a view of dynamic processes of goods handling and storage in real time. The objectives and planned work of the PortForward project will be presented on the fair boost as well.

3D models of the port of Magdeburg

The project presentation is available for download here:

PortForward Presentation German
PortForward Presentation English