The Digital Advisory Board, which was set up in 2018, will continue to support the Ministry of Economic Affairs in implementing the »Digital Agenda« for Saxony-Anhalt over the next two years. Minister Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann has appointed 18 experts for a two-year term of office with effect from March 12th, 2020.

The top-class advisory board was established in connection with the »Digital Agenda« adopted in December 2017 and has voted on a total of 28 digitalization projects in five meetings over the past two years, as well as drawing up recommendations on numerous digital topics. In addition, the members of the Advisory Board have enriched the series of workshops on the »Digital Agenda« organized by the Ministry through their ideas and participation.

Since 2018, the advisory board has been working on recommendations for the gigabit strategy of Saxony-Anhalt, digital education in schools, digitization in the health care, nursing and medical sectors, and EU data protection law, among other things. Over the next two years, the Digital Advisory Board will advise the ministry primarily on the updating of the »Digital Agenda«.

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