The DocksTheFuture Expert Workshop »Envisioning the Port of The Future« was attended by around 30 industry experts, representing the port community and academia. The workshop took place in Trieste, Italy on April 3rd and focused on the development of a clear vision for the Port of the year 2030. The workshop was followed by the DocksTheFuture midterm conference on April 4th. The conference proved to be a great success with more than 100 attendants, who had the opportunity to hear about the latest technological and research developments affecting global supply networks in general and port communities more specifically.

PortForward presented its vision of a future port that is more Interconnected, Smarter and Greener. The PortForward port of the future integrates different technologies and combines different modes of transport, enabling better control of freight flows. It is smarter through innovative ICT solutions that enable seamless information flows between ports and port ecosystems. And it is greener through the adoption of new technologies that aim in reducing the environmental footprint of port operations. Both the workshop participants and the conference attendants were able to gain valuable insights on the scope and aim of the project, the participating partners, as well as its breakthrough technological solutions.

For more information please visit the »DocksTheFuture« website.